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Ruth Kitty Taquey
A Castle of My Memories

The incredible true story of Ruth "Kitty" Taquey, an American woman with an unbreakable spirit.

After following her heart to Austria to be with budding artist Victor Planckh, she found herself trying to live while war waged around her. She faced the Gestapo, American bombers, the Russian army in Vienna, starvation rations, and the loss of her two lovers during World War II. Through her Christian faith, ability to speak fluently four languages, and will to survive, Ruth managed to stay alive and even found love again after the war. This inspiring tale is a testament to the power of the human spirit and love to overcome even the toughest challenges.

Years after the author passed away, her forbidden manuscript was found in the attic by her son. Finally published in March of 2023, at last her legacy and incredible artwork of her husband Victor Planckh can now be discovered . . .

“The reader will be drawn in to this compelling story of a young American from Mainline Philadelphia living with her husband, Austrian artist Vicktor Planckh, during the German occupation of Vienna. Throughout terror, deprivation and heartbreaking losses, the reader is exposed to the sheer savvy and benevolence of Ruth Planckh Taquey. She risked her life supporting the Allied effort as well as a cast of fascinating characters both civilian and military. If you are an enthusiast of the era and the boldness and ingenuity of a woman deftly maneuvering under dangerous circumstances, then you will love this true and historically significant book. Cover to Cover, A Castle of my Memories is a wonderful read.”

John G Link

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